NICO Nissan Skyline GT-R

  The first GT-R Skyline sedan (C10) appeared in February 1969 bearing a 160hp 2.0L motor. A 2-door coupe version was introduced in March of 1971. The cars were offered as stripped-down versions of the Skyline in order to be as light as possible for racing. Through 1972, the GT-R sedan and coupes had successfully racked up 50 victories.

The 1973 Skyline GT-R hardtop (C110) was available in 1973. Production was limited to 197 units. This was the last GT-R model for more than a decade.

Fast forward to 1989. Nissan releases the R32; a twin-turbo, all-wheel steering (computer controlled Super HICAS), all wheel drive monster utilizing the RB26DETT inline 6. The vehicle was factory-rated to produce 280hp and included a larger intercooler, larger brakes, light-weight hood and wheel arches, and wider front and rear wheel arches in comparison to the other variants.

The 1993 GT-R (R33) had the same RB26DETT engine as the previous generation, but with improved torque. Optional, an active limited slip differential was available which locked the rear differential if it detected that traction was lost by one of the wheels. Active LSD came standard on all V-spec R33 GT-R Skylines. In 1995, the GT-R received the ATTESA-ETS all wheel drive system and some motor upgrades. A limited edition NISMO 400R was created in 1996.

1999 GT-R's had a sharper design and upgraded chassis which allowed the GT-R hold the Track Record for production cars at the Nürburgring Northloop.

2005: The newest GT-R prototype is shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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